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Good old A Year Down the Drain (as featured in the Newcastle Herald) has been reprinted yet again.

After topping the independent booksellers' charts for several weeks in 2012 it went on to be #4 in MacLean's Booksellers 2012 bestseller list. I still maintain the blog of the book of the walk.

You can hear me talking about Newcastle's drains with ABC Radio's Richard Fidler as part of his Conversations series. The show inspired this from Bob Adamson: "I'm just writing you this note to let you know I really loved your program today with Mark McLean, the Gilbert White of the Styx in Newcastle. Mark was great, and Richard, your questions were as usual, sensitive and yet encouraged Mark's revelations: reminding me of Francis Webb's line: 'The tiny, not the immense will teach our groping eyes'."

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