The Bruderlin MacLean Publishing Services website has information on books Iíve worked on and clients Iíve worked with. But thatíd be another mouse click, and whoís got the time for that? Hereís the executive summary.

The people I work with are a mixture of linguists, historians and cultural commentators, often working in the field of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies or natural resource management.

Aboriginal languages are my favourite. In spite of all the gloomy forecasts they continue to thrive in many parts of Australia and others are undergoing revivals at the hands of enthusiastic, ambitious and focused teams of people. Language is endlessly fascinating and learning about the languages of Australiaís first peoples is a great window into Australia's extraordinary linguistic diversity. Iíve presented on editing Aboriginal texts and have published on the subject; you can download an article (774 KB pdf) that appeared in Blue Pencil, the newsletter of the Society of Editors (NSW) .

Visit the BruMac web site if you'd like to know more about my work, projects Iím involved with at the moment, or would like a quote on a job.